Acorn Squash Detox Soup

Now.. Try my acorn squash soup recipe! Or call it puree! Be ready for the sour and savory tastes’ bursting into your mouth with a surprising touch of ginger. Bon apetite!

Internet News These Days

Is Internet news desperate for stories or do the priorities of the readers actually lie in silly stories?

Morphine and Hepatitis-B Vaccine

Turkish universities, too, can be on the front-line of disease prevention and the protection of human life. After all, they are educational establishments that can raise funds for research towards saving lives and increasing the quality of life for patients.

Frank Stasio, The State of Things

By the end of his talk, it was clear to the audience that Frank Stasio is passionate about how humanity can be improved and what one can do for a better world.

Kaplıca and Turkish Hamam

The kaplıca or the hamam is an experience that leaves one feeling new born, fresh, clean, light and pure, and often times leaves one feeling ready to take a nap, which further replenishes ones energy.

Lolita the Lively

From the things that Lolita shared with me, I have come to the conclusion that she is a true natural phenomenon.